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Crisella is a fashion jewelry brand that celebrates delicate beauty and detailed craftsmanship and occupies a new category segment - affordable luxury. Crisella creates easily wearable and elegant pieces to style, stack and personalize.

In Crisella, we believe in dreams. We see beauty in every little thing in life. Our designs are inspired by fairy tales, dreams and everything that is magical. We use high quality material in all of our products. Our designs are delicate, elegant and focused on the detailed craftmanship that is typically only found in luxury brands. And yet our prices are affordable. We once asked a customer “Why Crisella?” To our delight, the customer told us that she has not experienced any brand in the market with such high-quality design at such an affordable price. She has recommended the products to her friends so that now she and all of her friends love Crisella products. At this moment, we realized that is exactly why we started the brand! We hope to bring instant joy and value to the customers that choose to wear our products.

The founders of Crisella, have lived and worked in New York and in the watch and jewelry industry for over a decade. Our team has always been fascinated with art, an influential force that has fueled our passion and eye for design. The first Crisella showroom and workshop was opened in New York in 2012 and our first retail outlet was opened in Hong Kong. As the business expanded the headquarter was moved to Hong Kong although New York remains at the heart of the design process, where our team develops the Crisella collections.


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